One Match Fire is a project-oriented technology/Web services company centered on the idea that minimizing project resources produces the best results. It is the level of skill and precision that goes into a project -- not the number of people working on it -- that make for solid development and quick deployment.

Our idea of minimal resources comes from the managability of using a dedicated team of people on a single project. We pick the exact engineer your project needs, not an entire team of engineers with varying skill levels. It's the difference between employing naplam to get the job done, or using a single match. While both produce the same end result, one match is more managable.

We believe we work with the most skilled coders, designers, architects and writers around. Our philosophy depends on focused, experienced people so it's in our interest to find the best. Even the most technically complicated projects can be effectively created using a streamlined approach.

Rapid development makes for rapid deployment. Our simple-is-more philosophy, symbolized by the match, sets us apart.


One Match Fire was founded by Ted Rheingold in 2002. Ted has been building Web applications since 1996. He worked as a Web Designer and Software Engineer for Preview Travel (now Travelocity.com) and as Senior Web Application Developer for Voquette, Inc. (now Semagix) He has built more than three dozen websites for corporate and non-profit clients. Ted's strength comes from his ability to straddle both website design and user experience as well as architecture and coding. He's as comfortable optimizing database schemas and coding custom applications as he is working with graphic designers and content editors.

Outside of technology endeavors, Ted has developed a wide swath of experience. He graduated from the University of Pennsylvania ('92) with a degree in International Relations. He was Administrative Director of the California Council For International Trade. He spent a year in Bangladesh as a Fellow with the International Development Exchange on community and women's initiatives. In November of 2001 he launched Mindful In The Storm, a dot-org that uses DHTML and other advanced browser functions to present overlooked art and mathematics found floating on the Web.


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