05/01/05One Match Fire Closed To New Clients
 Due to the phenominal success of Dogster & Catster (our pet projects ;) One Match Fire is no longer able to take on new client work. We will continue to work with our existing clients and will be happy to offer references and suggestions while we can.
03/18/05Ted Attends Google AdSense Publishers Forum
 Google invited 35 Bay Area publishers to their first ever AdSense Publishers Forum. It was extremely productive. About 9 months ago Google hired Kim Malone to take over the AdSense program and she gets a lot of respect from anyone that knows her, myself included. The entire AdSense team is sharply focused on maximizing advertiser and publisher experiences. Their customer service for Dogster and Catster has been top-notch and their commitment to maximizing our profits has been exemplary.

You really need to be serving over 50,000 pages a day to have your 'AdCents' turn into 'AdDollars' of note. Dogster and Catster are breaking 200,000 page serves/day most of the time. After this meeting I realized that we can't be settling for good enough and that we'll be redoubling our efforts to see where that will take our revenue into the future

03/14/05Dogster Wins SXSW 2005 People's Choice Award!
 People often ask what is so special about our site's Dogster and Catster. They want to know why there are so many people using the site. The answer is they use it, because they love it. It's was a true honor being awarded the People's Choice award.

Here are some photos taken by our good friend Scott Beale. Scott's top-notch company Laughing Squid hosts many of our clients website.

03/13/05 »Ted Leads Panel On Unfunded Web Development At South By Southwest Conference
 The presentation was a great success. Our group presented to a packed room of aspiring web entrepreneurs and project developers. Presentation notes are available:

  • South By Southwest Panel Notes Wiki
  • One Match Fire Panel Archive

    One Mate Fire also created a web resource to connect people looking to find partners to work on their upcoming web projects. Anyone seeking skilled help in their next project can post their needs and other people wanting to get involved in a new project can post their skills.

  • One Match Fire's Project Personnal Resource Wiki


  • 02/14/05Dogster.com Nominated for Prestegious Web Award At SXSW Interactive Festival
     Dogster.com was nominated as an outstanding community website in 2004 by the SXSW Interactive Festival judges. Just being nominated is truly an honor and we're very proud to be recognized. Award night is Sunday March 13th and we will keep you updated. Bark us luck!
    02/02/05One Match Fire's Ted Rheingold Will Be Speaking At SXSW Interactive Festival
     Ted Rheingold has been asked to put together a panel at this year's SXSW Interactive Conference. The panel title will be "Do It Yourself Now, Or Someone Else Will" and is directed to newer members of the interactive community seeking to try their hand at independent web production. Ted has invited Alex Hart, Gina Trapani and Willem Vos to speak, all of whom's incomes are generated by products they made or whose primary woork tools were built by themselves. The panel will be Sunday March 14th at 10am for anyone attending. Anyone using IRC at the event can find Ted via the handle 'tedr'.
    12/14/04CNET profiles Ted Rheingold's Gadget Wishes
     You can go to CNET and see Ted's holiday gadget wish list. Actually there's a lot more but this list was limited to three. Ted's still looking for a tiny wifi camera to afix to a pet collar that beams photos to a wireless basestation and uploads to web for all day pet monitoring!

    However, what One Match Fire wants more than anything this holiday season is peace on earth and global understanding and respect amongst all it's citizens.

    12/13/04Ted to Give Tech Talk at Google on December 22nd.
     Google, Palo Alto, has invited One Match Fire\'s Ted Rheingold to give a talk on Dogster and Catster at a weekly Google technical forum. His talk will be on guardianship of online communities and user-determined feature development strategies.
    12/09/04Come to the One Match Fire Holiday Party December 17th
     December 17th from 6:30pm tp 9pm is the 3rd annual One Match Fire Holiday Party. This year we also get to celebrate the launches of Dogster and Catster. If you would like to come, just rsvp to party@onematchfire.com for more details.
    12/06/04Dogster Tops 50,000 Dogs, Catster Passes 15,000 Cats ... On The Same Day!
     We can hardly believe it ourselves. There are now over 50,000 dogs on Dogster after being live for just eleven months and over 15,000 cats on Catster after being live just four months.

    Overall there are 60,000+ users of the sites representing 138 countries and territories. While we're barking out statistics here some more to chew on. Members have created over 900,000+ pet-to-pet friendships, and have sent 37,000+ messages to each other. In the last 30 days there were over 6.5 million pages served and 132,765 member logins by 18,473 distinct users. There are 3,316 dog and 1,505 cat owners keeping a diary for their pet on the sites and over 1150 animals have joined the week old Holiday Picture Party.

    If you've been following this from the beginning or caught up by reading all the news entries, you know this has all truly grown out of very well-intentioned but humble beginnings. But keep your eyes peeled as this is definitely only the start. In the coming months we'll have Classifieds, Subscription-Level features, and not long after that we'll encompass it all in the Virtual Dog and Cat Parks!

    10/26/04When a Client Needs to Move Servers in a Hurry We Are There
     Long-term client Lovett-Silverman recently had to move servers and they had to do it in a hurry. In 2002 we built them a large custom-coded perl Client Service Area to share sensitive project files with their construction and engineering partners. Then in 2003 we redesigned and coded their public website www.lovett-silverman.com. Then last month under great duress they had to migrate to new mail and web servers. In a very reduced timeframe we were able help them find new IT partners, prepare them for the move and keep the public website live throughout the entire move. Finally, we rapidly modified the Client Service Area to be served under a new environment and available for reuse with almost no downtime for their clients and partners.
    09/07/04Watch Videos of One Match Fire's Ted Rheingold on CNN headline News and Tech TV's Unscrewed
     In March of 2004 One Match Fire's founder Ted Rheingold was interviewed on CNN Headline News about the phenomena of our site Dogster. Later in April Ted was a guest on Tech TV's late night program, "Unscrewed." Here are some digitized versions of both programs.
    08/30/04One Match Fire Relaunches the Acclaimed Arthropoda Productions Website
     Eighteen months ago, Arthropoda Productions, a record label and entertainment company asked us to make them a site that was an untraditional as possible, while still allowing for easy navigation and exploration of their business and talent. Recently Arthropoda wanted to promote the new release of Bodie, a well-reviewed Southern California rock quartet. Without having to rewrite any of the core code, One Match Fire and design partner Stamen created an entirely revised Bodie section complete with multiple jukeboxes, real-time band news edited by the band, direct CD purchasing, lyrics and image scrollers. Arthropoda Productions promotes new ways to think about art and One Match Fire helps Arthropoda Productions think of new ways to promote themselves.
    08/25/045,000 Cats Join Catster.com in First Two Weeks. Currently There are 6,457 Cats!
     Users make One Match Fire's second in-house production Catster.com catarrific! In the first two-weeks since it's public launch live over 5,000 new users and their cats joined Catster.com. In that same period over 1.1 million pages were served and 90,000+ Feline Friend connections we made on the site. One August 9th alone, 647 cats joined the site and overall there are already cats representing over 20 countries.

    Catster, Here kitty kitty

    08/08/04Catster, Our Newest Release, is Now Live! Purrrrrrrrrrrr!
     Catster, the newest private production of One Match Fire is now nipping on the heels of our site Dogster's worldwide success. Catster.com became publicly available August 6, 2004 at 7pm PST and within minutes cats were digitally crawling all over each other to join the site. On it's second day live over 600 cats joined the site matching one of Dogster's highest days ever. The entire code base was updated to allow for a single code-set to run both sites which allows for easy commingling of cats and dogs in such area as Family and Corrals. Users with just a single logon are able to add pets and hop back and forth between either sites, making friends, adding to their corral and sending private messages to each other. The press has already put in their calls and it's a hot topic on blog and forums. Some have even described it as purrrrfect, but it was just a matter of letting the cat out of the bag.
    07/25/04One Match Fire Launches William Stuart Antiques Online Catalog of Parisian Furniture
     William Stuart Antiques (WSA) sources and distributes European antiques direct from Paris to anywhere in the world. Their inventory changes on a weekly basis and they wanted to let their global buyers stay-up-date. Working with New York's Cake and Media who designed the entire product and layout One Match Fire built the entire database and code set. The final product includes a content management system so the client can add, edit and remove catalog item w/o know any html as well as extensive tools to track and complete sales, review and approve site users, post a monthly newsletter.

    The site has quickly led to increased sales and shortened inventory cycles. If you like antiques you'll love their furniture, but you'll need to have your registration approved first to see the catalog. Just mention One Match Fire!

    06/27/04One Match Fire Attends the Forward-Looking and Innovative Supernova Conference
     Every year 200 hands-on industry thinkers and leaders attend Kevin Werbach's Supernova Conference in Santa Clara, CA. Breaking from the traditional panel/audience format, attendees are encouraged to participate in presentations and the communications that take place during breaks, meals and on the real-time IRC chat are all part of the meeting's over-all knowledge transfer.

    Ted was most impressed and pleased to see the depth of the next-generation entrepreneurial tech community. There was an impressive contingency of recently funded and/or profitable tech companies such as Socialtext, Newsgator, Feed Burner, Dodgeball, Groove Networks, Six Apart, Tellme, Blogger (Google), Convoq, LinkedIn, Metapa and of course, Dogster and Catster.

    Ted adds that we should expect our email client to become our IM, VOIP, video conferencing, project log, news reader, phone-synch as well as email and calendar client. He also says we should expect that powerful apps will migrate off PCs and on to our phones in a very quick time frame. Ring ring, can you hear the future calling?

    06/21/04Over 100,000 Approving Paws Join Dogster in Just 5 Months
     One Match Fire's privately produced Dogster now has over 25,000 dogs on the site and boasts an average of 200 new dog additions each day. Regularly over 200,000 pages are served daily to more than 14,000 unique visitors. There are pups representing 218 different breeds from 107 countries and from every American and Canadian state and province! Read the press release for all the doggone details.
    06/14/04One Match Fire updates David Boyer's Gayprom.com website in coordination with book launch
     In March of 2003 we launched GayProm.com (info - site) for writer/creative David Boyer. Since then over 300 people have uploaded personal stories and photos from their high school prom dances. To celebrate the release of his new book - KINGS & QUEENS: Queers at the Prom - we worked with David to give sneak peaks of the great content and layout and make it easy for everyone to buy the book. Visitors can even purchase a copy and send it to their high school. With the release of the book, which has already been featured in OUT Magazine and The Morning Call, more people than ever are finding out about the site and adding their own story.
    05/20/04We just launched a large-scale Job Tracking Tool for NYC's Ice Tea Productions
     One Match Fire constructed a highly robust and secure custom Job Tracking Tool and Communications Log so Ice Tea Productions, a respected advisor on all things animation, can know the status of their 100 plus projects at any given time. We also built Ice Tea a Reel Request Center so registered users can easily request and view digital samples of Ice Tea's work and an entry-based application so their news and events sections of their site stay up-to-date.
    04/20/04John Vars, former Director of Software Development at Travelocity.com, joins One Match Fire
     One Match Fire is especially pleased to welcome an old friend and co-worker, John Vars, to our permanent team. John will be working on our database and e-commerce projects, putting his 10 years of internet experience to good use. During a seven-year tenure at Travelocity.com (previously Preview Travel), John held various positions in the Product Development department, including Director of Software Development-Content Systems, Small Projects & Maintenance Manager-International and Lead Engineer-Partners & Joint Ventures. John spent most of 2002 and 2003 overseas as lead engineer for Travelocity's popular Asia-Pacific partner, Zuji.com.
    03/29/04Ted Rheingold interviewed live on CNN Headline News
     On March 29, One Match Fire founder Ted Rheingold was interviewed on CNN Headlines News about the Dogster phenomenon by Erica Hill for Tech Tidbits. Not surprisingly, site traffic after the airing was huge. When we digitize the tape of the interview we'll make it available here.
    03/20/04One Match Fire builds educational quiz for Polly Klass Foundation
     The Polly Klass Foundation wants to make it perfectly clear that a striking majority of child abductions in the United States are perpetrated by immediate family members. They created a new entity called Stop Family Abducitons Now and One Match Fire built them an engaging and educational quiz for the site to help get out the surprisingly intimate nature of most child abductions. Taking the quiz is really a must for everyone.
    03/10/04One Match Fire will be at the SxSW Interactive Festival March 13th - 16th
     Ted Rheingold is going to be returning to Austin's SxSW Interactive Festival 3/13-3/16 for some full-blown interactive-geek knowledge exchange and networking. If you will be there and would like to meet up, drop a mail to ted@onematchfire.com or look for 'onematchfire' on SxSW's IRC channels. If you want to meet a Dogster person during the following Music Festival that can be arranged too.
    03/01/04Extra! Extra! Dogster in Wired, SF Chronicle, and Timeout NY
     Dogster has been getting quite a lot of attention. Wired Magazine listed it in the "Wired" column, Timeout New York said dogster.com is "Top Dog" and today the San Francisco Chronicle ran a long article about the site and One Match Fire's and Dogster's founder, Ted Rheingold.
    02/29/04One Match Fire is looking for a PHP/MySql contractor in San Francisco
     One Match Fire is currently recruiting for a server engineer available 10-30 hours per week on a long-term basis. Required skills are PHP & MySql, while *nix admin would be very helpful. We would also hope you are familiar with javascript/dhtml as well as some other server languages and data management tools. Email contractor@onematchfire.com for more details.
    02/27/04Two great One Match Fire custom web applications are going into beta
     I hope you've had a good couple of weeks because we've been doing nothing but work. We are currently completing two great custom web applications. One is an online catalog for Parisian antique firm, William Stuart Antiques that will make their entire inventory available online for registered dealers. Included is an extensive yet easy to use content management tool to offer compete control of who sees what items and when. The second project is for Manhattan's Ice Tea Production design studio. They require a series of tools so they can track over a 100 details for each creative project they oversee as well as an archiving communications log and an on-demand display area of their video portfolio for registered partners. They both should be live in March and they are both looking great!
    01/27/04Dogster.com has gone dog-wild! Over 1000 dogs have joined in the last week!
     Well, it's official, Dogster is a smash hit. Since 1/20/04 over 1000 Dogs from all the globe have joined in for pup-to-pup networking. On one day alone the site served over 70,000 page-views. Users love the site and email thanks every day. Pundits as well love dogster: popdex.com has ranked it as high as the 28th most commonly blogged item on the internet. Woof! Bark! Woof! Power to the Paws!
    01/12/04Dogster.com, our privately produced web destination, launches to great response
     PRIVATE SITE LAUNCH: Dogster (info - site) - One Match Fire has gone completely to the dogs. We are very proud to announce our first wholly independent production. Dogster is a free site to post and share photos and facts about our favorite canine creatures. Hundreds of dogs have been uploaded and the users love it. There is also a weekly advice column, a dog newswire, featured dogs and more. Add your dog today, but be careful, it's addictive.
    12/05/03We are very pleased to announce the launch of Bush Greenwatch
     SITE LAUNCH: Bush Greenwatch (info - site)
    Donordigital - on behalf of MoveOn and Environmental Media Services - needed a highly scalable easy to update site that would be visited by thousands on a daily basis. That's exactly what we built them. Working with long-term partner Ipcar Design, One Match Fire used Moveable Type web log software as a core content management tool and hot-wired it with custom code to meet the exact project needs. In its first week 5000 people joined the site.
    11/01/03Compare CA legislators donation receipts and voting records on big tabacco
     SITE LAUNCH: The Center for Tobacco Policy and Organizing (info - site) - This was a great project. Using a disparate set of data sources, One Match Fire built a custom database that matches CA zip-codes with the legislators that represent them. Visitors to the site can enter their zip-code and see stats on how their state legislators voted on tabacco-related issues and how much money they received in donations from the 7 major tabacco companies.
    10/14/03Gotham22 launches - An exemplary owner-controlled photographers website
     SITE LAUNCH: Gotahm22 (info - site) - Gotham22, wanted a highly scalable site to display their photos and have complete control of all images displayed at all times, without knowing any HTML. We designed a great site that reflects the site's gritty New York City content and allows for constant modification of the images and overall galleries whenever they want. The result is Gotham22.com, a memorable, highly engaging site.
    09/02/03Verdant Power - a builder of river-bottom energy turbine - site launches
      SITE LAUNCH: Verdant Power, Inc. (info - site) - Since Verdant Power first incorporated, One Match Fire has been helping them with inexpensive productivity tools. They needed to be spending money designing next- generation current turbines, not on multi-site data sharing tools. For almost no cost we built an extensive file sharing tool using existing free software and showed them how to use PDF and PowerPoint to make stunning presentations without recruiting a team of consultants. Now we have designed and built a simple but extensive DHTML-enabled website that can convey all their messages without having to deny them the time and money to keep their focus squarely on their revolutionary products.
    06/15/03A slew of great work completed for Donordigital
     CUSTOM FEATURES - We've done a lot of dynamic database work for Donor Digital (info - site) lately. We built a questionnaire for the American Lung Association and an awareness quiz for NARAL's Generation Pro-Choice campaign. For both project we configured SQL databases and built secure web-tools for real-time results viewing.
    05/14/03We overhauled Moz Designs' beautiful Virtual Rooms to download 50% faster
     SITE IMPROVEMENT: Moz Design's Virtaul Rooms (info - site) We just completed a javascript-intensive engineering rewrite for a beautiful online product demo. The pages now download 50% faster and immediately respond to each and every user request.
    05/05/03One Match Fire retools Moz Designs website for top search results rankings
     SITE IMPROVEMENT: Moz Designs (info - site) - This client built a large full-featured site but badly needed to improve their results with search engines. One Match Fire organized an effective syntax strategy, retooled their html (without adjusting the layout), and registered the site on hundreds of search egnines. Their site now returns on top of the first results page on Google in all targeted categories.
    03/31/03Gayprom.com - the definitive user-submitted gay prom story site goes live
     SITE LAUNCH: Gay Prom (info - site) - David Boyer wanted to make a big splash upon the signing of his book deal on the history of gays and the prom. One Match Fire built a robust php and sql database-driven website so anyone could submit the story of their prom to the site and anyone else could come and read the stories. We also built David a secure content management system so he has complete control via web tools. The site has been an instant success with hundreds of vists a day and plenty of reviews written from important cultural sites.

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