Client name» Samasource
Samasource's founder asked Ted to build out a demo of a social fundraising tool they mocked up together. It never went live but still shows a compelling social fundraising strategy.
demo» Demo Samasource Fundraising Tool
Client name» Coastal Goods
Coastal Goods make exceptional spices and seasonings sold in stores all over the country. They needed an eCommerce website so they could display all their products and make off them available for real-time purchasing. Working with the design firm of Cake and Media, One Match Fire built them catalog and back-end server code to manage inventory, availability, pricing, fulfillment and customer service. Now they have buyers from all over the world purchasing directly from Coastal Goods and the website is rapidly paying for itself.
website url» www.coastalgoods.com
site launch» December, 2004
One Match Fire private release» Catster
Of course it was only a matter of time before the popularity of Dogster forced us to make Catster. But like everything else we do it couldn't be a quick knock off, it had to relfect exactly the needs and wants of the users. We took the distinct cat attitudes and sensibilites and translated them into a color palete, design guide and vocabulary style. Not surprisingly Catster was a big hit from the moment it launched and has generated it's own faithful following. Catster already has postings from over 50 countries and is one third the size of Dogster.
website url» www.catster.com
site launch» August, 2004
Client name» William Stuart Antiques
William Stuart Antiques is a venerable Parisian furniture and art dealer. Realizing their clients were now worldwide and ready to buy items on-site they needed a custom eCommerce/catalog site to reflect their sophisticated taste and constatly changing inventory. We made back-end tools so they could bulk upload each week's new items, track inquires and complete sales without knowing any HTML. The catalog site utilizes many special features, such as variable item pricing and availability depending upon the client's level and length of relationship, DHTML display of catalog photos and real-time integrated exchange rates. Since launching, their site they are selling over 25% more items a week.
website url» www.wsantiques.com
site launch» June, 2004
client name» Ice Tea Productions
Ice Tea, an animation provider, needed a secure, scalable and online Job Tracking Tool and Communcations Log to manage the hundreds of design jobs they oversee a year. They and their partners can now update and review the status of any single project at any time. This project also included building a Reel Request center that allows registered clients immediate access to demo vidos, and a custom Moveable Type deployment to drive the Ice Tea website's News section. All work was done in coordination with site designer and long-term partner, Ipcar Design and we think the site looks great.
website url» www.iceteaproductions.com
site launch» April, 2004
One Match Fire private release» Dogster
Dogster is a social networking web application that is truly for the dogs. One Match Fire wholly conceived, designed, engineered and produced this site that allows any dog lover to upload photos and facts about their favorite canines. Anyone can view the site and we made all kinds of fun features to allow for a whimsical yet truly compelling experience.
website url» www.dogster.com
site relaunch» January, 2004
client name» Donordigitial, Environmental Media Services, MoveOn.org
Three great organizations wanted to build a journalists' repository site to serve up fresh news reports about the state of the environment as viewed from Washington D.C. They needed complete content control without knowing any HTML and they wanted it done in two weeks. Working with design partner par excellence Ipcar Design, One Match Fire built custom features upon the popular Moveable Type publishing system to allow for a highly dynamic back-end that is extensible and simple to modify.
website url» www.bushgreenwatch.org
site launch» December, 2003
client name» Lovett-Silverman Construction Consultants, Inc.
Lovett-Silverman, a nation-wide construction and surety engineering firm, needed a secure private site to share photographs, schedules and documents with their active clients. Using SSL, perl modules and cgi's we custom-coded an internal administration area, server-side data storage components and an up-to-the-minute client project viewing area. Lovett-Silverman is also a repeat client; we rebuilt their public website and serve as an IT advisor.
website url» www.lovett-silverman.com
site relaunch» September, 2003
client name» Prom & Circumstance
David Boyer is publishing a striking and novel coffee table book (Soft Skull Press) filled with first-hand prom stories of people who now consider themselves gay/bi/transgender. He came to us with the idea to use the website to allow any gay person to tell the story of their prom. We built a custom database-driven website using PHP and MySql that allows users to share and post their prom stories and pictures. We also added a series of custom admin tools so David has complete control over what's in the database and what appears on the website at all times.
website url» www.gayprom.com
site launch» March, 2003
client name» Arthropoda Productions
Arthropoda is a unique company that gives art endeavors a push toward fruition, be it in the form of a record deal or displaying art on its website. They approached One Match Fire ready to explore non-traditional methods to ensure their site was like no other. Involved since Arthropoda's formation, we assisted in logo design and marketing collateral development as well as producing their entire Flash-based website. Special features include MP3 uploader, interactive mouse-controlled art, and an audio jukebox.
website url» www.arthropodaproductions.com
site launch» October, 2002
Arthropoda was so pleased with One Match Fire's production of their website they asked us to prepare a special band entry submission for the prestigious South by Southwest Music Festival. One Match Fire, with Stamen Design and Mollygolightly, produced a custom leather-bound entry comprised of extensive picture overlays of the band, their work, and press collaged amongst thematically-oriented images and text.
online demo» Interactive flash and video version of the book
submitted» November, 2002
client name» Móz Designs
These high-end custom metal fabricators put a lot of time and effort into making their website feature-rich and customer-friendly. They wanted more from their existing website, so they hired One Match Fire to serve as their on-demand webmaster. We've increased Moz Designs' search engine results, improved their site download times, consulted on better hosting, demystified their site visitor logs and even prepared a PC/Mac-compatible CD-ROM presentation for their sales team.
website url» http://www.mozdesigns.com
site maintenance work» Ongoing
Moz Designs created stunning 3D representations of their interior products to display the variety of color, textures and products to their customer. They asked One Match Fire to convert these static images into virtual rooms that can be explored and modified. We built custom javascript optimizers to allow these complicated components to download quickly in any browser without requiring extra software downloads. The results are handsome, engaging interactive show floors that their sales team can present to anyone.
website url» http://mozdesigns.com/virtualrooms.html
site launch» May, 2003
client name» American Lung Association of California
The American Lung Association of California wanted to make sure every Californian can know how much their elected state representatives receive in tobacco-related donations and how their representatives vote on tobacco-related bills. One Match Fire databased this information for each elected representative in California as well as deployed a giant mapping table that connects any zip code in California to the state assembly people and senators in that area.
website url» www.californialung.org/thecenter/getlocal
site launch» October, 2003
client name» Gotham22
Gotham22 is the professional and personal site of a New York City-based photographer. He needed a site that would allow him full control of all images displayed at all times, as well as the ability to update news, gallery opening and parties all without knowing any HTML. Furthermore he needed the galleries to be scalable to handle as many images as needed, and the ability to add or remove whole galleries as he needed. This is exactly what we built and we designed an entirely Gotham-esque interface to reinforce the nature of his photography.
website url» www.gotham22.com
site relaunch» October, 2003
client name» Verdant Power, Inc.
Verdant Power is a next-generation sustainable energy company that installs turbines on river floors that generate electricity when turned by the water's current. They needed a website that reflected the gravitas of their work as well the non-traditional nature of their energy company. One Match Fire built their website as well as developed an FTP solution to handle document sharing for the management team.
website url» www.verdantpower.com
site relaunch» September, 2003
client name» Donordigital

Donordigital develops and produces Internet strategies for some of the biggest non-profits in the country. One Match Fire has provided custom server code and data storage components for over a dozen projects. Donordigital also utilities One Match Fire as a technical consultant to help their clients turn their desires into realistic web-enabled products.

project url» http://www.bluewaternetwork.org/Campaign_pl_globalgluttony.shtml
project task» Deploy custom postcard code to advacen campaing message.
project url» http://www.prochoiceamerica.org/generation
project task» Design and code awareness quiz with internal and public result tools.
project url» www.millionformarriage.org
project task» Build dynamic wedding certificate form
project url» www.dadsanddaughters.org
project task» Rebuild online quiz and response system
Donordigital url» www.donordigital.com
project work» Ongoing
client name» Rheingold, Valet, Rheingold, Shkolnik, McCartney, LLP
n 1997 we built this New York law firm's first website. A lot of websites look stale within a year or two, but due to the site's architecture and forward-thinking graphical design it professionally reflected the firm for five years. Rheingoldlaw.com required that their site serve the firm's needs as much as it serves the needs of its visitors. Informative content is kept up to date and easily resourced via an intuitive folder navigation and a clean, detailed search function.
website url» www.rheingoldlaw.com
site launch» August, 2002
client name» Coast Plaza Doctors Hospital
Coast Plaza Hospital had an info-rich, appealing web site, serving over 200 visitors a month, that had not been thought about since the Spring of 2001. They came to One Match Fire to learn how to improve on their services, determine what new features to offer and to develop strategies to ensure their online presence was always up-to-date.
website url» www.coastplazahospital.com
site maintenance work» Ongoing
client name» The Natural Step
The Natural Step is an amazing organization that helps businesses and governments integrate sustainability into core strategies and operations. One Match Fire helped The Natural Step to evaluate their precise data management needs and prepare a custom installation of eBase2, a data management platform for non-profits, to fit their exact needs. We continue to consult and provide services to meet their ever-growing digital needs.
website url» www.naturalstep.org
project work» Ongoing
client name» Epiphany & Co.
Epiphany & Co. needed a front-end interface and back-end database to publish their daily columns. Utilizing existing publishing software and client-driven design concepts, One Match Fire was able to quickly design, build and deploy this highly customized website. Best of all we incorporated inexpensive tools that allow the client to update as often as needed without requiring any HTML or other web skills.
website url» http://www.mollygolightly.com
site launch» December, 2002
client name» David Rheingold Photography
New York photographer David Rheingold wanted an online gallery for his photos to showcase his work for sale as well as upcoming shows. Because an artist's canon is an evolving body of work, we created a highly modular interface so images and galleries could be swapped in and out with little effort. The star of this site is David's photography, so the site was designed with simple elegance to display his work.
website url» www.davidrheingold.com
site launch» April, 2002
non-financial endeavor» Fleeting Image
Fleeting Image uses php, server user sessions, file uploads, directory data structures and community input and overview to present a near limitless set of pictures that have one trait in common: they are interesting to everyone that views them. The site grew out of an experiment of simplicity, and continues to simply grow thanks to worldwide usage and interest. The site is devoid of branding, ads, pop-ups, and the like leaving nothing to get between a visitor and the beauty.
website url» http://www.fleetingimage.org
site launch» April, 2003
non-financial endeavor» Mindful In The Storm

Mindful In The Storm is a DHTML and cgi intensive art site created by One Match Founder, Ted Rheingold. Quarterly releases present thought-provoking galleries of Web-oriented content. The site navigation is comprised of custom combinations of javascript, perl, HTML layers, and Flash. The goal is that the site itself be as intriguing as the art presented.

website url» www.mindfulinthestorm.org
quarterly releases» Nov 2001, Feb 2002, July 2002

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